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GMV offers companies in the chemical sector the chance to use autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence for inspection tasks

The uPathWay solution transforms the safety and efficiency of industrial processes by introducing autonomous robotics in dangerous and repetitive tasks

The aim of this mission is to demonstrate services and develop key technologies of Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) by launching a small constellation of 5 satellites

GMV will be responsible for the complete end-to-end space mission and will lead an industrial organization that includes key partners such as OHB System AG, Alén Space, Beyond Gravity and Indra

It will open up a new way of using low orbit satellites in key markets and applications

With this new contract, the multinational consolidates its position as a leading player of the European space industry

Both organizations commit to strengthening and promoting mutual cooperation in the field of innovation and technological development

As a leading technology transfer company, GMV is also participating in the latest edition of this event by sharing its experience in innovation and technology transfer projects

The SKA Observatory will be the largest radio-astronomy facility on Earth, with two telescope arrays currently under construction in remote areas of Western Australia and South Africa

The Timescale is the “heartbeat” of each telescope, generating highly stable time and frequency signals from atomic clocks, which are distributed to the remote antennas over optical fibre for synchronisation


GMV to improve user travel experience on line 1 of the Athens Metro

The project includes supplying the passenger information system, the public address system, the intercom system, and the video-surveillance system

GMV has secured the INCIBE’s backing to launch the Luis Valle R&D+i Program, which focuses on two cybersecurity projects: 1) the development of a self-sovereign digital identity solution, and 2) a cybersecurity operations center (SOC) for the space industry

GMV is committed to furthering the digital empowerment of individuals through sovereign digital identity solutions that allow them to decide how and when they share their personal information online

The cybersecurity of satellite networks is crucial for countries’ protection and operations. Developing an SOC for the space industry will mitigate the risks of possible security incidents, protecting us against unintended socioeconomic and security consequences

With public investment of €224 million, the Luis Valle Program has secured the largest amount from the IECPI, making it the best-funded cybersecurity initiative in the world

GMV has appointed Antonio Blanco Cedrón as Head of Business Development for Spain, Portugal and Morocco, reporting to the Business Development Management Office in its Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) division

Blanco Cedrón has extensive knowledge of the sector, with more than 20 years’ experience in transportation technology

It will be working within the framework the European Carematrix project, which seeks to provide innovative solutions that improve the quality of comprehensive treatment for patients with two or more chronic conditions while increasing the efficiency of public healthcare services

PMMCare+ will provide the technical means needed to coordinate the work of the various teams caring for these patients, as well as to involve these patients in their healthcare

Carematrix is expected to achieve the following: a 20% reduction in time spent on visits to healthcare facilities, a 75% improvement in care-related aspects, a 50% reduction in patient data management incidents, and a 30% reduction in clinical errors

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) has awarded GMV a contract for the development of the satellite’s data reception, mission planning, processing and user services system

MBZ-SAT is the most advanced satellite in the region for high-resolution satellite imagery and will provide globally accessible commercial images

The research proposal focuses on two projects: the development of a self-sovereign digital identity solution and a security operations center (SOC) for the space industry

Both projects have been approved by the Strategic Initiative for Innovative Public Procurement (IECPI) of Spain’s National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE)

GMV ushers in a new era of digital empowerment, where users can take control of their online identity and decide how and when to share their personal data, thanks to self-sovereign digital identities

The development of a cybersecurity management center for the space industry will mitigate the risks of potential security incidents in satellite networks, preventing major socioeconomic consequences

EUROCONTROL awards GMV the evolution of AUGUR, its service for airspace users and air navigation service providers

AUGUR verifies the integrity and reliability of GPS signals for a wide range of air operations

GMV will lead all the phases related to the provision of the service’s new features

Of the projects GMV was awarded following the European Defence Fund (EDF) 2022 call for proposals, CONVOY focuses on the detection of improvised explosive devices, using drones and unmanned ground vehicles deployed with various types of sensors, and applying artificial intelligence and cloud technology

The initiative, funded by the European Union and in particular by the European Defence Fund, has an estimated budget of €4,986,989.50

CONVOY participants include leading companies and organizations, committed to enhancing safety and security in critical environments by applying cutting-edge technology

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