GMV’s staff once more shows its charitable side, backing the Food Bank

For the second year running employees of the technology multinational GMV and the firm itself have shown their charitable concern for the disadvantaged, giving the Food Bank a donation of €50,000 in 21,500 Kg of food.

The sixth COVID 19 wave is hitting disadvantaged families hard, many of them becoming dependent on charitable organizations like the Food Bank. Firms like GMV cannot stand by with arms crossed, especially after hearing that the Food Bank’s input fell by 44% over the last year, while demand soars.

This fellow-feeling chimes in perfectly with GMV’s corporate core values of generosity, cooperation and commitment to the less well-off. Once more, therefore, the firm is supporting the Food Bank’s unflinching philanthropy. Over the last 12 months the firm itself and its employees have taken part in several charitable activities to try to offset the pandemic’s devastating effect.

The donation was handed over today by Ignacio Ramos Gorostiola, Chief People Strategy & Infrastructure Officer of GMV, on behalf of the firm and its employees. In his own words, “Many families are still suffering badly despite the recent upturn in Spain’s economy. No one can turn a blind eye to this; we all need to work together to help, because, together we are stronger. It gives me a real buzz to see how the whole GMV family, the people and the organization itself, have once more shown their fellow-feeling, providing the disadvantaged with sorely-needed staple products”.

The Food Bank president, Francisco García González, for his part, thanked the firm for its generosity, “which is going to help keep up a supply of food to the most vulnerable. Since the very start of the Covid-19 crisis the number of beneficiaries turning to has risen by 46%, now adding up to 186,000 people we give food to through 565 charitable organizations”.

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