Going All In for AI: The Ethics of AI, Quantum Computing, and GAN Neural Networks

On November 29th at 7:10 pm, Antón Makarov and Alexander Benítez from GMV’s Artificial Intelligence and Big Data division will be participating in this Meetup on artificial intelligence (AI), organized by IBM. They will be giving a presentation on the case study they are now working on as part of the CUCO project: use of quantum computing to optimize acquisition of satellite images.

The field of earth observation tackles a very wide range of problems, generally by analyzing images taken in different radiation bands or electromagnetic emissions. However, prior to these analyses, satellite operators are faced with a resource optimization problem, which can be described as follows:

Given a set of images requested for a satellite orbit pass, the goal is to determine which subset of images should be taken during that orbit pass, in an effort to optimize one or more particular measures (benefit, importance, capacity, etc.).

In almost all cases, taking the full set of requested images is not feasible, since the satellite’s orbit is fixed and there are a number of constraints that limit the combinations of images that can be captured. For example, some images cannot be taken with the same camera, because there are limitations on maneuvering time, capture time, geographic proximity, etc. At this Meetup, we will see how this problem can be expressed mathematically, so that it can be solved using quantum computing.



6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Calle del Corazón de María, 44

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