enerTIC breakfast: Moving towards the decarbonization and digital transformation of the transportation and logistics sector

The goal of this breakfast symposium is to create a meeting point among transportation and logistics company executives, influential agencies and technology companies linked to enerTIC, in order to identify and address the challenges and needs of the sector in terms of efficiency and energy cost savings, digitization and sustainability.

This meeting will identify and address emerging challenges in the new paradigm of sustainability, which involves new market and societal needs, the implementation of solutions that reduce energy costs, and adaptation to the regulations linked to this new scenario. This meeting will focus on the transportation and logistics divisions of companies linked to different industries (food and beverages, department stores, distribution companies, retail, goods transport, etc.) that are adapting their business activities and processes to join the “Twin Transition,” further their transformation journeys, and achieve the decarbonization targets set for 2030.

Magda Andrés Barrios, the business development manager of GMV's Industry Sector, is participating in the symposium to promote the application of different technologies in the logistics and transportation sector.



9:00 AM - Noon

Source URL: https://gmv.com/communication/events/enertic-breakfast-moving-towards-decarbonization-digital-transformation