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A new GCS (Ground Control Segment) infrastructure has been completely deployed in the Galileo Ground Control Centres and is being used to operate the Galileo Satellite Constellation

The new GCS features improved reliability and security, including the most advanced techniques

This is the result of several years of hard work, since GMV was awarded the maintenance and upgrading of the Galileo GCS

The European Defence Industrial Development Programme aims to boost EU’s defense industry competitiveness

GMV has won 11 contracts in EDIDP’s two calls

The seven 2nd-call projects GMV is participating in are worth between them 50.1 million euros, now to be added on to the 155 million euros of the four projects won in the first call

The contracts won center on the development of artificial intelligence (AI), command and control, navigation, space and cyberdefense

The contract includes supply of the control center and flight dynamics system, a new ground station in Río de Janeiro for the Amazonas Nexus satellite, a new satellite tracking system and sundry ground equipment, plus a new control and management system for all Hispasat’s ground stations

The deal clincher was GMV’s wealth of experience in systems of this type

Hispasat, a Spanish satellite operator, is one of GMV’s flagship clients, now running GMV systems in its whole fleet of satellites

The demonstrations will be part of FirEUrisk, a 4-year, 10-million-euro, Horizon 2020 project of the European Commission

The five regions chosen for these demos are in Portugal, Spain, Greece, Central Europe (Germany-Poland-Czech Republic) and Sweden

The project targets the prevention and reduction of wildfires and adaptation of management strategies to reduce their irreversible effects: human casualties, economic, natural and cultural heritage loss

Asgard kicks off, a project in which GMV is collaborating with Saab to develop a new maritime GNSS receiver based on the open service of Europe's Galileo satellite navigation service 

The multi-constellation, double-frequency receiver will comply with European and international legislation and use Galileo's OS-NMA authentication mechanism 

The contract takes in the 41 trams of Trambaix and Trambesòs, clocking up between them 30 million trips a year

Alstom’s Citadis 302 tram model, running on the six lines, will be fitted with GMV’s inhouse railway fleet management system (SAE-R)

This system incorporates state-of-the-art tracking technology, GIS, mobile communications and integration with passenger information systems

EUSPA (The European Union Agency for the Space Programme) awards a contract to GMV for the implementation of the Galileo High Accuracy Data Generator (HADG)

The project aims to ensure the continuous provision of Galileo data with a proper rate, accuracy, availability, continuity and latency

GMV´s leading role in this project is the culmination of a long race and the result of R&D investment in pursuit of cutting-edge GNSS high-accuracy solutions

Según conclusiones extraídas en el marco del proyecto de investigación impulsado por el EIT Health, FACET, que cuenta con financiación europea y el liderazgo clínico del Servicio de Geriatría del Hospital Universitario de Getafe

Personas mayores con diagnóstico de fragilidad han sido monitorizadas de forma remota y continua en su domicilio por especialistas de los hospitales públicos de Getafe y Albacete

The European Defence Agency (EDA) has awarded GMV the SAFETERM and AI-GNCAir projects

SAFETERM uses computer vision techniques to enhance flight termination systems and procedures for Medium-Altitude Long-Endurance RPASs

AI-GNCAir studies the takeup of artificial intelligence in guidance, navigation and control for aerial applications

Yahsat, the UAE-based satellite operator is one of GMV’s flagship clients

The contract includes supply of both the control centre and flight dynamics system for the Thuraya 4-NGS satellite

The contract has been won on the strength of GMV’s wealth of experience in supplying systems of this type

The three companies set up the joint venture SATNUS Technologies, S.L., with an identical capital contribution each, adjusting the workload distribution for each of the phases of the program

SATNUS Technologies, S.L will coordinate all activities of the remote carriers technology pillar, led in Spain by the 3 companies in a consortium

This reinforces and reaffirms the commitment of GMV, SENER Aeroespacial and TECNOBIT- GRUPO OESÍA to drive national participation in this important pillar, placing Spain in pole position in the Next Generation Weapon System (NGWS)

The German Space Agency at DLR awards a contract to GMV for upgrading the German SSA Centre (GSSAC) Mission System

The main purpose of the contract is the further development of the GSSAC Mission System, contributing to EU SST data processing capabilities, in order to be prepared to meet future requirements of an advanced framework regarding performance and scalability

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