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GMV won seven projects in the first EDF call, bringing the total number of EDIDP and EDF projects it is involved in to 19

The seven projects that GMV is taking part in amount to a European Commission contribution of nearly €350 million, topping up the more than €200 million in projects from the two previous EDIDP calls

The awarded projects will focus on developing missile defense system capabilities, systems for dismounted soldiers, avionics, command and control, navigation, and cyberdefense

ALSA, GMV, INDRA, MASERMIC, MAS MÓVIL, RENAULT GROUP and SIGMA have launched the R3CAV project, which positions the partners at the forefront of the technologies needed to develop future autonomous and connected vehicles

The initiatives that are already being worked on include an autonomous vehicle for the industrial environment at the Renault Factory in Palencia as well as different tests on connectivity systems in highly automated vehicles for transporting people in the town of Alcobendas (Madrid)

As part of the Space Safety Program (S2P), the European Space Agency (ESA) defined a technological cornerstone for Collision Risk Estimation and Automated Mitigation (CREAM)

The aim of the cornerstone is the development of technology for automated collision avoidance to reduce man-power efforts, the time between manoeuvre decision and close approach, and the number of false alerts

GMV acts as a prime contractor in two of the three activities launched in the framework of CREAM and also participates in the third one

The OASIS team at IES José Luís Sampedro in Madrid, which has the support of GMV, makes it to the FIRST® LEGO® LEAGUE International Open Brazil

Composed of 9 female students between 13 and 15 years old, the team will defend their sustainable electric energy production project aimed at road lighting, in order to reduce accidents and casualties due to lack of lighting

As part of their commitment to talented youth, GMV has maintained close connections with the FIRST® LEGO® LEAGUE since 2008

We can record changes in pigmented skin lesions (skin moles) using our cell phone, allowing dermatologists to detect possible melanomas at an early stage

The applications currently available on the market do not provide a means of detecting new moles or changes in existing ones over time

The estimated number of new cases of skin melanoma from the Spanish Network of Cancer Registries (REDECAM) for 2022 is 7,474 (3,377 in men and 4,097 in women)

The CDTI has awarded GMV a new contract as part of the collision avoidance service provided by the Spanish (S3TOC) and French (COO) operations centers within the EU SST system

The main objective is to develop software for advanced collision risk analysis and avoidance maneuver calculation. The software is to be deployed, as well as in the S3TOC itself, in the control centers of the European satellite operators subscribed to the EU SST collision avoidance service

Atos and OHB DC have been awarded a contract for the development of the German Armed Forces’ Space Situational Awareness (SSA) Center

The solution is based on GMV’s COTS software for Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), including data processing, object cataloging, sensor tasking, collision avoidance, re-entry prediction, fragmentation detection and characterization, and other functionalities

The public tender given to GMV, which includes three lots, is worth over 10 million euros

It includes providing embarked systems to improve onboard security, the passenger information system and surveillance systems for the entire fleet

TMB is improving its passenger service and adding new measures to increase safety and accessibility

The project covers the URBOS 3 streetcars to be run in the Portuguese capital

GMV will supply the passenger information system, the public address system, the intercom system and the onboard Ethernet communications network

The first URBOS 3 streetcar is due to go into service in 2023

GMV’s research campus is applying robotics and precision medicine to take on the battle against oligometastatic cancer

In the last three years, it has increased its workforce by 17.5% and currently has over 250 vacancies open for both junior and senior profiles

The company will close 2021 with 2,557 employees and remains committed to hiring permanent employees

The development of innovative products and services in its sectors of activity has enabled it to continue its productive activity and take on new projects of greater relevance and international impact

INTA entrusted GMV with maintaining the satellite’s main ground segment elements, launched in 2018 with a useful life of seven years

GMV was the supplier of the mission control center and has been responsible for its maintenance from the outset

The new contract includes corrective maintenance of the main elements of the ground segment, including the flight dynamics system (FDS), the mission control system (MCS), the mission planning system (MPF), and the user services (MUS)

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