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The company will supply the new central management systems for intercity public transportation in the autonomous regions of Castilla y León, Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia, and Aragón

These systems will make it possible to integrate all public transportation information and manage the necessary services for the general public, the government, and operators

GMV’s positioning solution is a key technology for Level-3 highly automated driving functions, set to debut in the current BMW 7 Series 

This milestone solidifies GMV’s position as an automotive supplier, offering safe, reliable, and precise positioning solutions achieved through more than 30 years of experience in the field of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)

The “Scoobic MED: 5G Autonomous Electric Logistics Vehicle in smart pay-per-use” is a major step forward in the future of urban delivery, bringing together 5G technology and autonomous electric mobility to offer more efficient and sustainable solutions

Passion Motorbike Factory and GMV are offering a groundbreaking pay-per-use business model to boost autonomous electric mobility, powered by artificial intelligence and 5G technology

The $16M contract and a new GMV office will establish a permanent footprint for the company in the New York Metro area


The company is participating in eight 2023 European Defence Fund (EDF) projects, securing its place in the group of European companies with the highest number of contracts

It has been awarded a total of 36 projects between EDIDP and EDF, representing a European Commission contribution of nearly 350 million euros

The projects are focused on the development of the capabilities of force protection systems, mission systems, aviation, command and control, space surveillance, navigation, and secure communications

More than 17,000 satellites have been launched into space, and about 11,500 of them are still there, with more than 9,000 still in operation

In recent years, the space industry has experienced a profound transformation, driven by public-sector initiatives as well as private investment

Space is now being seen as an ecosystem that must be protected, just like our oceans and forests

At its exclusive platform-art© robotics laboratory, GMV is now testing important technologies for removing space debris, and for performing in‑orbit maintenance, refueling, and complex infrastructure assembly

PAIT offers companies the unique ability to forecast and plan for future pay disparities, providing a comprehensive tool for strategic workforce planning and its impact on the pay gap

GMV will supply the new Space Situational Awareness and Control System for the Spanish Air and Space Force

This is based on a contract for the development, deployment, support and maintenance of the hardware and software needed to operate this system at Spain’s Space Surveillance Operations Center

GMV continues to solidify its position as a European leader in developing civilian and military space surveillance and command and control systems

AI can help with medical imaging training and diagnostic accuracy in primary care. Thanks to Alisse, personnel with no medical experience or training produced images of sufficient diagnostic quality nine times out of ten, fairly close to how expert sonographers performed on the same tests

The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of medical decisions are based on diagnostic imaging

Primary care services address over 90% of the reasons for patients’ visits, becoming the gateway to the public healthcare system

TEPRO and GMV are working in collaboration to use artificial intelligence (AI) and detailed analysis of climatological data to provide predictions of water content in soil, marking a crucial milestone for sustainability and efficiency in the use of irrigation

AGRARIA is leading the way in the implementation of innovative solutions to optimize water use in agriculture in response to the urgent water crisis affecting all of Spain

GMV offers companies in the chemical sector the chance to use autonomous robotics and artificial intelligence for inspection tasks

The uPathWay solution transforms the safety and efficiency of industrial processes by introducing autonomous robotics in dangerous and repetitive tasks

The aim of this mission is to demonstrate services and develop key technologies of Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) by launching a small constellation of 5 satellites

GMV will be responsible for the complete end-to-end space mission and will lead an industrial organization that includes key partners such as OHB System AG, Alén Space, Beyond Gravity and Indra

It will open up a new way of using low orbit satellites in key markets and applications

With this new contract, the multinational consolidates its position as a leading player of the European space industry

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