We cover the entire cybersecurity life cycle: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover

GMV Cybersecurity

Global handling of cyber risks

At GMV, we are committed to treating cyber risks globally, identifying existing threats, protecting assets, detecting attempted attacks, and, if they occur, recovering as soon as possible, all orchestrated with the most powerful management systems. 

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  • In cybersecurity, you can’t manage what you don't know. A lack of knowledge is generally due to a lack of vision of what is happening.
  • It is possible to anticipate most cyber incidents by accurately analyzing many sources of information and if both the technology and professionals are prepared to manage it in real time or after the fact.
  • If you have access to your organization’s cybersecurity activity information, do you just store it or do you use it to make the best decisions?


  • Data has become one an organization's most valuable assets, and thus boosting their appeal to criminals.
  • The digital transformation depends on data, so cybersecurity must be present by design and by default.
  • Data are generated, obtained, exploited, stored, transmitted… What cybersecurity and privacy controls do you apply in each of these stages?


  • The cloud is here to stay in all sectors, handling data and running business-specific applications as a any other part of corporate infrastructure, though sometimes it is underused.
  • It offers a new, faster, larger-scale, and more robust way of providing cybersecurity services.
  • Do you leverage all of the capabilities offered by the cloud to detect advanced malware or stop denial of service attacks?


  • DevOps is the new paradigm that is taking hold because of the benefits it offers when developing and rolling out corporate applications, which requires a working method.
  • SecDevOps incorporates cybersecurity controls into the different phases of the DevOps iterative cycle, integrating fully into that cycle.
  • How can the interests of the development, operations, and cybersecurity departments be aligned?  


  • Detecting and preventing fraud requires the best talent working with the best technology on multidisciplinary teams, however managing these teams is a real challenge. 
  • Artificial intelligence is a reliable method that can be fully customized to the type of fraud to be fought.
  • Do you make a positive contribution to the bottom line by fighting fraud effectively?


  • Identity management is probably the key pillar of cybersecurity on all levels and, paradoxically, it tends to be pushed aside due to how difficult it is to define and implement.
  • It can be covered by the corporate scope, e.g., making it part of the entire organization's identity, specifically, e.g., managing privileged users, or globally, e.g., identity on the cloud for cases requiring mobility.
  • How are you going to manage your identity in the face of the imminent avalanche of IoT devices?


Checker ATM Security® is a world-class cybersecurity product specifically designed for ATMs and kiosks. Checker® will help you protect your ATMs from logical fraud while meeting applicable PCI-DSS requirements quickly and effectively, even for unsupported versions of the ATM operating system.


  • Behind every cyberattack is an unresolved vulnerability that is taken advantage of by criminals.
  • It is not only a matter of discovering vulnerabilities in your systems, but also ensuring that they are resolved.
  • Would you know how to manage the vulnerabilities of thousands of assets in your organization?


  • There is a growing number of laws and regulations that demand certain levels of cybersecurity and privacy, in addition to those previously on the books.
  • In addition to being mandatory, compliance is an opportunity to evolve the level of cybersecurity and privacy in your organization.
  • Would you be able to demonstrate that your organization has implemented the measures required by current legislation in the event of a reported cyber incident?


  • The truth is that negligent behaviors must be from organized groups or even people from your organization must be organized.
  • Reconstructing past actions that have caused damage to the organization is a very effective improvement and learning method, determining the who, what, when, why, and how.
  • If your organization is the victim of data theft, how would you gather the evidence you need to determine liability?


  • GMV CERT is GMV’s Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

  • GMV CERT is a comercial CSIRT that provides managed security services to its customer base.

Reactive services

Proactive services

  • Incident handling

  • Security audits and assessments

  • Vulnerability handling

  • Pen Testing and ethical hacking
  • Forensics, artifact & evidence handling
  • Configuration and maintenance of security tools, applications, and infrastructures


  • Intrusion detection services


  • Security intelligence



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