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Flight Dynamics

  • Complete cycle support for spacecraft flight dynamics operations
  • Mission analysis and close approach prediction
  • Support for manual, scripted, and lights-out operations
  • Advanced usability: designed by and for flight dynamics engineers
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100% flight tested

FocusSuite® is GMV’s advanced flight dynamics solution for satellite operations. It is a collection of FDS products that help satellite operators effectively carry out their satellite control, fleet management, space junk conjunction assessment, mission analysis, data viewing, and other related tasks necessary to operate satellites and fleets safely throughout the mission.

The FocusSuite® tools are normally used in the following scenarios:

  • Complete cycle support of geostationary satellite operations.
  • Operations in the launch and early orbit phase, including transfer strategies.
  • FDS tools for satellites in low (LEO) and medium (MEO) Earth orbits.
  • Constellation management support.
  • Definition, evaluation, and optimization of station keeping strategies for geostationary satellites.
  • Multimission follow-up scenario analysis to assess the precision expected in orbit determination.

Conjunction detection, assessment, and reports.

  • Open: FocusSuite® provides a well documented API that makes it easy to interact with the Focus services.
  • Secure: FocusSuite® uses secure connections based on web standards.
  • Expandable, scalable, adaptable: Independence from third-party software, hardware, and operating systems enables simple FocusSuite® integration and maintenance.
  • Ergonomic and simple design: FocusSuite® offers a visual HMI with advanced graphics included.
  • Complete cycle support: FocusSuite is compatible with all mission phases.
  • Multimission, multi-user, multi-environment: FocusSuite® supports multimission operations in any orbit scheme, including GEO, LEO, MEO, and constellation missions.
  • Reliable: FocusSuite® is fed by a database that provides data access mechanisms based on multi-tier privileges. The system allows concurrent access and simultaneous analysis of operational scenarios.
  • High efficiency: FocusSuite® provides automation capabilities for flight dynamics operations.

FocusSuite® is based on a client-server architecture. The server controls access to the data and runs the required processing task, while the client enables the user to easily configure the system, export the data, and prepare and run the necessary tasks. Communications between client and server are protected by HTTPS. This enables end-to-end encrypted communications that, in turn, guarantee the authenticity of the server. The web interface enables easy client implementation and simplifies remote access to the system.

The back end of FocusSuite® connects to the FocusSuite® server, which enables a smooth transition to the new system for systems that were already using this platform. This compatibility makes it possible to use traditional FocusSuite® clients together with the new back end to provide web access to the system. This makes migrating to the new system and the new functions simple and gradual, as it avoids having to modify data or procedures.

FocusSuite® offers HMI as a web application. The web client allows for navigation between several programs, running them, editing control panel configuration, viewing 3D orbits and Gantt charts, showing other charts, viewing the event log, and consulting output files. It also provides new capabilities, such as a new control panel and report generation functions.

The client is based on frequently used and well-maintained working macros, enabling great extendibility, as well as the reuse of amply proven components.

The FocusSuite® is made up of products and tools designed for different orbit schemes and mission phases. All products and tools in the FocusSuite® family share the same reference architecture and many common components.


  • FocusGEO: complete cycle support of geostationary satellite operations.
  • FocusLEOP: flight dynamics system tools for operations in the satellite launch and early orbit phase (LEOP), including transfer strategies.
  • FocusLEO: flight dynamics system tools for satellites in low (LEO) and medium (MEO) earth orbits.
  • FocusCn: satellite constellation management support.


  • Matool: definition, evaluation, and optimization of station keeping strategies for geostationary satellites.
  • Consigo: multimission follow-up scenario analysis to assess the precision expected in orbit determination.


  • FocusCloseAp: Collision risk assessment tool.  
  • Focusoc: safety in flight services for GEO, LEO, and MEO satellites.

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