OST Suite

Web-based software suite offering 24/7 support for mission-critical operations

General Information

Space Flight Operations

  • Daily event and resource scheduler
  • Problem reports
  • Change request processing
  • Activity notification between teams
  • Data flow

24/7 + The OST Suite has provided support to Columbus, ATV, and other missions at the DLR German Space Operations Center (GSOC).


100% of the operations tested

The operation support tools (OST) safely simplify communications between the different teams with user roles in critical operations, active 24/7.

These tools are designed to assist in the following: 

  • Operational preparation
  • Real-time operations 
  • Post-mission evaluation 

Operators, planners, engineers, and managers work together. Monitoring, activity scheduling, incident detection, resource planning, problem resolution, reports, approvals, coordination. All these actions are carried out by all suite users.

Daily event scheduler

  • Event request processing
  • Resource assignment and control (computers/personnel)
  • Publication of event information

Problem reports

  • Problem delivery and assignment
  • Investigation, assessment, and corrective actions
  • Problem follow-up file

Change request processing

  • Impact investigation
  • Resource assignment
  • Management approval/rejection

Activity notification between teams

  • Action element delivery and assignment
  • Collection of contributions from in and outside the team
  • Continuous status monitoring

The OST family is comprised of platform-independent, modular, and scalable tools controlled by LDAP for all phases of the mission.

It includes the following operational tools: 

  • Problem tracking system
  • Flight notes tool
  • Console log
  • Report creation and recognition tools
  • Scheduling, planning, document management, and configuration tools.

Source URL: http://gmv.com/products/space/ost-suite