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Your ground resources under control

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Ground station monitoring and control

Magnet is GMV's complete and expandable ground control and monitoring system. Operations began in 2012. Today, there are 144 commercial equipment units with Magnet support, and it is implemented on four continents, where it monitors and controls 18 antenna sites with a total of 23 antennas controlled and monitored by Magnet.


Your ground resources under control

Características Magnet 1
  • Magnet is the comprehensive solution for all your ground station control and monitoring needs.
  • Controlling ground stations since 2012, Magnet has benefited from several enhancements covering operations and aspects related to performance, reliability, security, and usability.
  • This unmatched operational equity is available today for your ground station, as Magnet provides generic support for a wide array of commercial equipment units from several manufacturers. The Magnet development kit (Magnetddk) can also be used to configure controllers to incorporate Magnet into new equipment units.
Características Magnet 2
  • Scalability from a single antenna to multiple antennas at multiple sites.
  • Operational concepts from manual to lights-out combined with Autofly and Flyplan products.
  • Unlimited customization, Magnet adapts to the needs of our clients, not the other way around. Together we ensure that the implementation of Magnet fully meets your needs.
  • Flexible licensing policy to make the most of your investment.
  • Magnet uses generic hardware, in both physical and virtualized/dockerized implementations. We are continuously updating Magnet so that it is compatible with the latest versions of commercial orbital transportation services hardware and software (operating systems, virtualization platforms, and dockerization).
Características Magnet 3
  • Data published in open formats, enabling them to be used by external systems.
  • Exposed interfaces through application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Accessible services using software development kits (SDKs).
  • Magnet: ground station monitoring and control system
  • Archiva: satellite and ground telemetry parameters archive
  • Autofly: satellite and ground procedure automation

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