About GMV

Passion for challenges. An opportunity to innovate

Established in 1984, GMV is a private capital technology business group with an international presence.

At GMV, we believe that behind every new idea, behind each new problem, there is a challenge and an opportunity to innovate. We make our clients’ challenges our own, turning them into an opportunity to test our ability to innovate. We offer tailored innovation and technology, addressing the specific needs of our clients.

With excellence as our perpetual objective, we have reached a position of leadership in many areas. Our areas of activity include: Aeronautics, Automotive, Cybersecurity, Defense and Security, Space, Finance, Industry, Healthcare, Digital Public Services, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

2,300+ employees

Enthusiastic and motivated by the professional development opportunities offered by the cutting-edge technology products developed at GMV.


Revenue in 2020. GMV maintains its growth trend, increasing revenue by 9% compared to the previous year.

80 countries

GMV has offices in 10 countries and clients in nearly 80, with international revenue accounting for approximately 65% of total revenue.


GMV has reached CMMI level 5, the most prestigious model in the world for improving the capacity of software development processes.

Looking to the future

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