Intelligent Transportation Systems

Leader in the design, development, implementation, and rollout of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems

We offer integrated and fully operational turnkey solutions

GMV is a leader in the design, development, implementation, and rollout of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) that guarantee compliance with sector standards. GMV offers integrated and fully operational turnkey solutions, involved in the complete development of the project and including development hardware and software and its own manufacturing.

With over 950 clients in 35 countries, from Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, and Sydney to Madrid and Barcelona, GMV clients back the company as a global leader in the design and implementation of ITS solutions.

25 years

developing technology solutions for transportation

250+ employees

working in the ITS sector

950 transportation

operators and authorities have chosen GMV’s ITS solutions

30 countries

with projects implemented by GMV


public transportation buses installed


trains carry our onboard products for rail transportation


GMV provides specific solutions for different types of fleets


GMV offers integrated solutions in Smart Systems for Bus-Based Public Transportation using cutting-edge technologies, with internally designed products that comply with the strictest certifications for in-vehicle installation (E-mark), based on open standards that enable them to be interoperable and scalable, for both public and private operators.

ITS solutions offered by GMV include the Computer-Aided Dispatch / Automatic Vehicle Location (SAE GMV) enabling operators to provide comprehensive transportation service management, from real-time service compliance control, to leveraging data through Business Intelligence tools, as well as resource dispatching tools, alarm management, regulation tools, and more.

The SAE GMV solution is complemented perfectly by the GMV Planner tool, which makes it possible to plan the service offer and optimize resources for quick, efficient transportation at the lowest cost.

GMV is also committed to the latest trends in public transportation payment systems with its solutions in ticketing systems, which include internally designed onboard validation and design elements, with options for EMV card or NFC payments and backoffice tools for fee configuration and leveraging data. There is also a variety of systems for parking or compensation cameras that can implement account-based systems (ABT).

GMV’s extensive offer in this sector is completed with transladem solutions with dynamic service planning and services for efficient driving (eco-driving) or passenger safety (onboard CCTV).


Comprehensive passenger transportation management solution

Solution for planning and optimizing the transportation service

Solution for public transportation management in low demand zones or for passengers with special needs


Rail transportation is a safe, on-time and convenient mode of transportation. GMV’s intelligent transportation systems help improve the passenger service while also increasing safety levels and improving management procedures by transportation authorities and operators.

GMV has a significant ITS presence in the rail sector with internal developments and very important public and private operator clients such as RENFE, ONCF (national railway of Morocco), Metro de Barcelona and Metro de Santiago de Chile and the manufacturers ALSTOM, CAF, Pesa and Talgo. GMV offers a high degree of commitment as a reliable technology partner in major rail projects, complying strictly with the rigorous sector standards. We have references in all rail modes: tram, light rail, heavy metro (subway), suburban trains, regional, main-line, AV and freight.

The solutions offered by GMV include the Computer-Aided Dispatch / Automatic Vehicle Location system for the rail environment SAE-R, which provides operators with comprehensive management of the transportation service, from real-time service compliance control to leveraging data with business intelligence tools, as well as resource dispatching tools, alarm management, regulation tools, and more. The SAE-R product is complemented with solutions for onboard passenger information Info-Pass, digital distributed video-surveillance systems DV-REC and PA and intercom systems PA-Intercomm.

GMV also offers ticketing systems including in-station access control systems with ticket validation and smart cards, onboard validation (especially on trams) and onboard and in-station self-service systems.


Multi-Application Rail Service Operating Platform

Solution for planning and optimizing the transportation service

Multimedia onboard digital passenger information system

Rail transportation video surveillance system

flotas speciales

GMV has extensive experience developing complex computer-aided dispatch/automatic vehicle location for urban transportation operators. This experience makes it possible to understand the different needs of other types of operations, such as public service fleets and apply our technological knowledge to offer solutions tailored to those needs.


Servicio en tiempo real de la situación y estado de su flota.

Testimonials From Our Clients

What they say about us

"Since the implementation of the system we have practically eliminated up to 95% of the delays and advances"

Krzysztof Miler, Director of ZDiTM Szczecin

"It was mandatory to implement different payment methods such as EMV (...) and we were looking for a reliable FMS system with powerful user information"

Antonio Fernández Tafalla, Technical Director of TCC

"With the launch of the Smart Card System in Ahmedabad BRTS, we are the first in India to introduce a Smart Card System in bus services"

Shri Harsadrai J. Solanki, General Manager, Ahmedabad Jangmarg Limited

GMV and UNAUTO made a great team to ensure project success.” 

Ramón Martínez, managing director of UNAUTO

Excellent project management and continuous cooperation from GMV led to on-time execution within the agreed budget.”

Aristotelis Savva, executive engineer, Public Works Department, Ministry of Transport

“GMV is characterized by its professional approach and accurate analysis of our needs”

Michał Aniołek, Project Manager

“In a relatively short period of time, we have reduced the number of vehicles, drivers and operating kilometers”

Ivan Tizón, Head of Traffic for Transabús

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