Digital Public Services

We apply our digital transformation know-how to public administration

gmv y las soluciones para la función pública

Solutions based on simplicity, transparency, speed, and security

GMV’s proposal adapts to the different areas of public administration: National government, subordinate agencies of the public administration, regional administrations, local administrations, and universities. All of them have shared interests, but unique specific situations, requiring different projects to adapt to each of their needs.



GMV y las soluciones en apoyo a la administracion

Fostering speed, transparency, and simplicity

  • We provide new support tools and technologies to the administration and, in particular, to public employees via process, case, and document management.
  • We redesign services and procedures to simplify administrative formalities.
  • We define information exchange layouts and structures to simplify administrative processing, opening data, etc.
GMV y la participación ciudadana

Default and “one-time” digital principles

  • Services for citizen inclusion and participation with new empowerment tools.
  • Accessibility and ease of access to information.
  • Bolstering the data economy through open data and access APIs.
  •  Improving communication with the public through a multichannel setup.
algoritmos de ciberseguridad

Creative solutions for new needs

  • Rollout of new, quicker, automated, and integrated software architectures.
  • Evolution of traditional architectures towards hybrid cloud-based virtualization solutions.
  • Monitoring and optimization of application performance.
  • Provision of cyberprotection controls at the infrastructure, data, and source code level.
GMV desarrolla medidas para el sector público

Key in development enhancements

  • Guaranteed privacy and data integrity in accordance with GDPR and ENS. Preparation of adaptation plans and compliance audits.
  • Development of information architectures based on reuse. Definition of data layouts that enable improved interoperability.
Servidor Seguridad de datos

Essential for guaranteeing trust

  • Management of cybersecurity in the entity, monitoring and providing an immediate response to cybersecurity incidents.
  • Increasing visibility in the organization to improve incident detection.
  • Providing solutions that suit the entity, adapting to the situation and working methods.

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