5G enables immediate and secure access to a "virtual smartphone" in the cloud through a single application

Orange and GMV are collaborating on a project offering a groundbreaking and complete solution for configuring and accessing virtual mobile devices, harnessing the advantages of the new 5G technology. Through the GMV-developed solution, ubic, users can have all the main functions of their smartphone in the cloud and have them available easily, securely, and immediately thanks to the speed, quality, and low latency of Orange's 5G network.

Access to this "virtual smartphone" makes it unnecessary for the user to have their applications installed on their physical terminal, since all the basic tools are hosted in the cloud. Access to these functions is through a single App, ubic, which, thanks to the use of efficient streaming and virtualization technology in a secure mobility environment, provides access to a complete smartphone in the cloud.

The simplicity in accessing ubic on the user's mobile opens up a wide range of usage possibilities. One possible application, for example, would be to adapt it to the elderly, who have more trouble working mobile devices. With ubic, they have a simplified version of their smartphone with an intuitive interface, a reduced group of buttons, and a limited number of functions focused primarily on what they need and want to use.

Additionally, ubic can also be used to manage parental control anywhere, anytime. With this innovative solution, parents can make any necessary changes or remove certain sensitive information from the virtual phone, quickly and easily controlling how their children use the mobile devices and achieving balance between parental control and data security for their children.

ubic is, in any case, aimed at providing complete cybersecurity in its use, providing a virtual smartphone meeting specific user demands, such as very demanding games or applications.

This experience is part of the National 5G Plan, the program for developing pilot 5G technology projects that is run by the public business entity Red.es, promoted by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and financed jointly with the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The aim of this Plan, which is a continuation of the 5G Technology Stimulus Strategy, is to encourage the definition and implementation of multiple cases of use of this technology by setting up an ecosystem of technology partners who will combine their efforts to accelerate the process of making "digital economy” a reality in the near future.

More information at: https://5gpilotosvalencia.orange.es/


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