We adapt your business to new technology securely

GMV puntos claves de Servicios

We position your company at the cutting edge of innovation and security

We design, develop, and implement the most advanced digital solutions to improve leading organizations' processes.

  • Development of specialized online channels for telecommunications operators
  • Design and implementation of hybrid clouds in sectors such as logistics and retail
  • Securitization of online TV platforms
  • Prevention of data leaks at the leading law offices
  • VAS and messaging platforms
  • Security by design

Specialized Technology Solutions

Servicios CERT

In the field of law, information is an essential asset, as the value of the business lies in its data. So, what would happen if the data were exposed or fell into third-party hands? By identifying, investigating, and analyzing an attack, the team at GMV specializes in business recovery, guaranteeing the minimum possible impact in the event of a cybersecurity incident.

Actividad en el sector legal de GMV

Law firms have a great deal of confidential information on their clients, so they must strictly comply with various regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Spanish Data Protection Act (LOPD). GMV has great consultancy and technical auditing experts who help the legal sector operate on the market in compliance with regulations.

Telco Media y GMV

At GMV, we help you improve your security from the beginning of the definition stage for new assets or services, either with asset risk analysis services and subsequent verification of the security requirements or with services that enable the continuous analysis of the new AGILE development code, detecting any vulnerability in very early stages when it costs much less to resolve any issues. 

Servicios con valor añadido

We have spent over two decades developing value-added platforms for telecommunications operators, creating messaging platforms with clients, self-management services, client terminal detection, and initial service uses, gateways with third parties, as well as preventive platforms to detect potential incidents in operator networks.


Our Computer Security Response Team (CERT) manages the operation and engineering of critical cybersecurity systems at the leading operators, facilitating the detection and blocking of possible attacks against the most important assets, both on corporate websites and e-commerce sites. We also analyze the security of critical apps, such as online TV.

Servicios Test

We help Operators certify their network nodes and services, emulating the systems and traffic needed to run both functional and stress tests before sending them to production.

GMV y los servicios Cloud

Our architects are certified in the leading public Cloud platforms, enabling us to help you with migration and subsequent operations. We implement specific Security solutions for Cloud environments.

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