Sextans GMV®

Software defined GNSS receiver


Software defined GNSS receiver

Sextans GMV® is a software defined GNSS receiver which provides accurate position, velocity and timing information to support multiple spaceborne applications.

Two different products are available for microlaunchers and microsatellite showed in the picture.

Both these versions have been qualified under specific ESA requirements.

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Main features

Sextans GMV®

Sextans GMV® can be deployed standalone or readily integrated into an existing OBC (depending on the processor power). The modular architecture and RTEMS 5.0 operating system allow the Sextans GMV®  for Symmetric/ Asymmetric multiprocessing on a range of HW architectures.

The flexibility of the Sextans GMV® receiver enables it to be customized to operate on a single processing core, or in parallel with other applications (e.g. guidance, navigation and control algorithms) on a multi-core processor.

  • Dual constellation/dual frequency (only for Microsatellites).

  • Providing standalone precise navigation in-flight/in-orbit.

  • Adaptability to different HW platforms.

  • Configurability for different space mission requirements.

  • Wide range of interfaces (HW and SW).

  • Multiple navigation modes (LSQ, EKF, IONOfree).

  • Software Defined Radio GNSS receiver upgradeable in orbit.


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