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We are a creative and innovative team

Solutions adapted to the needs of each client

At GMV, we offer solutions, services, and products to a wide range of sectors. GMV has attained a position of leadership in these sectors based on in-depth knowledge of our clients’ needs, enabling us to offer them the best solution, one fully adapted to their own requirements and including all support necessary to achieve optimum results at a fair price. Our employees, our operational model, and the values at the foundation of our corporate culture are aimed at ensuring that each client receives exactly what they need.

Our areas of specialization

Icono Espacio

Space for all

Icono Aeronáutica

Engineering services and the most advanced systems and programs for the aeronautical sector

Icono Defensa y Seguridad
Defense and Security

Innovative solutions for the defense and security sector

Icono Its
Intelligent Transportation Systems

Leader in the design, development, implementation, and rollout of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Icono Automoción

Advanced solutions for connected autonomous vehicles

Icono Ciberseguridad

We cover the entire cybersecurity life cycle: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover

Icono Servicios Públicos Digitales
Digital Public Services

We apply our digital transformation know-how to public administration

Icono Sanidad

Technology and innovation at the service of the healthcare sector

Icono Industria

Defining a new future for smart, competitive, industry

Icono Servicios

We adapt your business to new technology securely

Icono Financiero

Over 35 years as a trusted technology partner of the world’s leading banking institutions

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