Wake Up, Spain!

The fourth edition of the Spanish economic forum "Wake Up, Spain!" will take place from April 15 to 19. It will focus on Spain's opportunities in the current context of change in Europe. 

This symposium will bring together members of the government, regional presidents, mayors, and representatives of the national and international industrial fabric to give their views on current affairs in areas such as Healthcare, Education, Mobility, and Energy, among others.

GMV's CEO, Jesús B. Serrano, will contribute to the Defense section on April 17.

The Palacio de Linares in Madrid (Spain) Will host the "Wake Up, Spain!" event, which is organized by the newspaper El Español. It will be also broadcast live on the websites of El Español and Invertia.


15/04/2024 - 19/04/2024

Source URL: https://gmv.com/communication/events/wake-spain