Sacyr and GMV sign agreement to automate the placement of traffic cones



Sacyr has signed an agreement with GMV to prototype an autonomous system for placing and collecting traffic cones.

The project, called Automatic Cone Machine Safe Signalling System (ACM3s), is being developed by Sacyr Conservación and involves the design of an autonomous cone handling system for lane-cutting operations. The two-year agreement is funded by the Center for Technological Development and Innovation (CDTI).

The aim of the project is to ensure correct signaling for work on the roadway, positioning and forward movement during operation, as well as the placement and removal of these objects in complete safety. This autonomous machine, which eliminates the need for human workers to be on the roadway or exposed to physical risks, uses GMV’s uPathWay solution, which allows mobile robots to circulate autonomously.

An innovative road safety system

This innovative road safety system represents a technical evolution in road marking trailers, allowing a maintenance vehicle to automatically hitch and unhitch a trailer when initiating a lane cut. Equipped with autonomous navigation and leader‑follower technology, the trailer follows the lead vehicle, placing cones according to safety protocols, detecting obstacles, and maintaining the required signaling. At the end of the operation, the trailer automatically re-hitches itself to the lead vehicle.

For accurate cone placement and pick-up, the trailer has a built-in robotic arm that uses artificial intelligence-based algorithms that factor in the relative position of each cone in an open environment. This solution improves road safety and simplifies the work of personnel, eliminating the need for human intervention in certain processes.

This project is part of Sacyr’s commitment to the health and safety of its professionals. The company uses innovation and new technologies to improve infrastructure preservation and maintenance and to guarantee the safety of its teams and road users. ACM3 will increase road safety and help to detect the presence of vulnerable road users.

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