Cybersecurity in the supply chain as a main focus of the 45th CEL Conference

Ciberseguridad en la cadena de suministro como protagonista del 45º Congreso CEL

In the 45th CEL Congress, held by the Spanish Logistics Center (Centro Español de Logística), GMV emerged as a crucial player, highlighting the vital importance of cybersecurity in the supply chain. This event, which brought together experts and professionals from the logistics sector, served as an ideal platform to highlight the current and future challenges faced by companies in this area and how cybersecurity is a fundamental pillar in the management, protection, and operational continuity of an increasingly digitized and highly interconnected sector.

Speaking for GMV, Javier Hidalgo, Solutions Architect and Cybersecurity Expert, stressed a core principle: never pay for a cyberattack. This approach is essential in a world where cyber threats are in constant evolution and represent a clear risk to companies’ operational continuity. Cybersecurity should not be seen as an additional expense but as an essential investment to protect our assets, our integrity, and the trust of our customers and partners.

Hidalgo explained that “incorporating cybersecurity in logistics requires understanding the risks, integrating it into the design of the chain itself, and extending it to relations with suppliers.” He added that, “the good news is that we are not alone.”

In his presentation, he also mentioned that cybersecurity is more than just a simple protection measure. It is a strategic component that can make a difference in an organization's competitiveness and resilience. At GMV, we strongly believe that adopting a proactive stance towards cybersecurity is key to mitigating risks and ensuring a secure and reliable supply chain environment.

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