GMV’s prime traits are its professional attitude, acquired expertise and top quality, all of which are continually reflected in its daily work. But these upfront traits are driven by a behind-the-scenes human team dripping with talent, drawn from various nationalities with different cultures and customs working in eleven different countries, while all sharing the common value of “solidarity” in its broadest sense.

The word ‘solidarity comes from the Latin solidus. As used in Spanish today it has less of a political sense than in the English-speaking world and has come to mean cooperation and cohesion, seeking the common link in search of a common good. In GMV “solidarity” in this professional sense takes the form of group work and common effort in search of a competitive edge.

Over the years the cooperation side of “solidarity” has come to the fore in Spain, understood in the sense of looking out for others, fellow feeling and humanitarianism. GMV has taken to heart this more personal sense of the world too, turning its teamwork skills to the benefit of society as a whole.

Year after year GMV’s staff comes up with more of these fellow-feeling initiatives, designed to help others less fortunate then themselves. One such idea is the provision of teaching material for schools from underdeveloped areas. Others involve the holding of charitable fund-raising events or the giving out of food for the needy, among other activities.

The coronavirus-driven healthcare crisis and economic slump have given one of the clearest examples of GMV employees looking out for others. Many have turned their expertise and personal resources to helping out in local initiatives, trying to palliate the crisis. When the COVID cases began to soar, straining hospital resources to breaking point, GMV employees knuckled down to a varied range of activities ranging from 3D-printing provision of facemasks for healthcare personnel to the setting up of resource-mustering contact platforms or helping out at soup kitchens.

Cycling back to our starting point, GMV’s hallmark traits are built up every day by each of the persons making up this company.

Author: Tatiana Teresa Pagola

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