Over the past year and a half, the pandemic has highlighted our ability to adapt, the importance of togetherness and the need to be resilient. GMV’s president, Mónica Martínez Walter, talks about this in the context of the #EsElMomento campaign recently launched by the German Chamber of Commerce for Spain.

This campaign, geared towards the industrial fabric, aims to encourage economic reactivation, with special emphasis on the benefits that relations between Spain and Germany can bring. Through short testimonials, industry and political entities add their vision to the message that the AHK wants to convey in this campaign regarding the importance of working together towards a more competitive, sustainable and innovative future. In this sense, Mónica Martínez points out the value of technological innovation to boost business activity in favor of economic recovery, highlighting the fundamental role that technology has played during the pandemic.

GMV uses technology to develop groundbreaking solutions for progress. From the outset, technological innovation has been and continues to be the mainstay of GMV’s growth. And it has now become an essential development factor for tackling the challenges that societies demand.

The mission of the AHK focuses on the search for and promotion of bilateral Spanish-German relations from an economic perspective, facilitating cultural, business and political exchange.


Source URL: http://gmv.com/communication/news/eselmomento