AMOS 2021


September has once again been privy to the annual Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Conference (AMOS) on the island of Maui, the first annual conference on advanced optical and space surveillance technologies. As in previous years, GMV has formed part of the program of this twenty-second edition, held in a hybrid format.

AMOS is one of the leading tech events in the SSA/SDA (Space Situational Awareness/Space Domain Awareness) area that, year after year, welcomes greater participation of the state, industry and academia, showing the growing interest in this area.

GMV attended the event remotely to present two technical papers about its research work on advanced correlation and orbit estimation methods for the improvement of catalog development and maintenance tools.

The first article is a study oriented towards the main cause of the increase in space debris, the fragmentation of RSO (Resident Space Objects). It addresses an innovative track-to-track association method based on optical observation to enable automatic object detection after fragmentation. The second paper showed a new methodology to improve the realism of the orbit uncertainty (covariance) in the orbit determination process, applied in GEO (geosynchronous orbit).

AMOS serves as a framework to exchange progress and developments achieved so far, as well as trends and perspectives for the future of sustainability in Space.


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