GMV's commitment to technological vocational training


On Monday, March 27, GMV's Global Talent Internship program brought in 21 students from higher-level vocational training courses. Together with them, GMV has now awarded 41 vocational training students with scholarships in 2023, joining the Madrid, Valladolid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Seville centers.

The new colleagues were welcomed at a reception and presentation by the GMV Group on the premises of its head office in Tres Cantos, Madrid, where they were shown GMV's business areas, its organization, and various other aspects of interest.

The 21 students entered GMV's team on a scholarship basis and will develop their knowledge in different areas of the organization in a real working environment with cutting-edge technological projects. Over a 3-month period, the scholarship students will complete their respective training in computer systems administration, multi-platform application development, web application development, and electronic maintenance. After the work placement, GMV offers real possibilities of joining the organization, based on the student’s performance.

GMV's Global Talent Internship program is the company's commitment to quality training and promoting employability. Year after year the number of vocational training students receiving scholarships rises, clearly underlining the value of GMV's technical training and specialization in these courses.

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