GMV takes another step in the provision of positioning technology for automated driving


GMV has been chosen again by the premium car manufacturer BMW Group for the supply of the next generation of safe and precise positioning technology for automated driving.

Following an ambitious roadmap, GMV’s positioning solution comprised by two components -an onboard Positioning Engine software (PE) and a GNSS Corrections Service (CS) providing the vehicles with corrections to the Broadcast GNSS Ephemeris, augmentation data and safety-related information for computing an accurate and reliable user position- will be enhanced by incorporating new features which will lead to even better performance than the one already in place.

Both CS and PE have been developed, validated, and evolved over the last years in order to be able to cope with the requirements laid down by the different GNSS-based high‑accuracy positioning markets, including the automotive market, for which ISO 26262 and ISO 21448 (SOTIF) (among others), the strictest automotive standards, plus the highly demanding quality practices for critical software have been adopted.

This milestone will allow to capitalize on all the work carried out so far and bring to market an enhanced product, evolved according to the most demanding needs of automated driving where new features targeting the increase of the Operational Design Domain of the localization function in highways, the improvement of performance in urban environments or the incorporation of further constellations to the ones currently used will be included.

This new contract cements GMV’s position as an automotive supplier of safe, reliable, and precise positioning solutions based on global navigation satellite systems and consolidates the Spanish multinational as one of the main worldwide providers of GNSS based safe positioning solutions.

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