BACSI, cutting-edge technology for aerospace support


In October, GMV attended the meeting for the Connected, Sustainable, and Intelligent Air Base (BASCI), a series of projects run by Spain’s Air and Space Force (EAE). The meeting took place from 18 to 20 October at the Albacete Air Base with the theme of “New Technologies for Aerospace Support.”

The event was opened by the acting Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, who said that “The Air and Space Force deserves the best resources to fulfill its mission. Investing in security and defense means investing in values.”

The BACSI project covers a series of sub-projects that are exploring new technologies in a collaborative environment involving SMEs, research centers, and universities. These are then activated and tested in operational environments by the EAE.

The goal of BACSI is to make progress in the transformation of he Air and Space Force, taking advantage of the technological evolution linked to Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, and other developments linked to what’s known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It also seeks to facilitate resource sharing and collaboration among individuals to improve work processes, initiatives, training programs, and more, with the goal of improving the effectiveness and productivity of air bases. Finally, it aims to reduce the environmental impact of air bases through programs focused on renewable energy, waste management, reducing consumption, and eliminating losses.

GMV, event sponsor, was present at BACSI with a stand showcasing some of its solutions in the field of aeronautics and robotics. Two of the company’s rovers, LAMARR and ROBIN, sparked great interest among visitors at the trade fair. These platforms are equipped with a robotic manipulator, inspection cameras, and a LIDAR navigation sensor. GMV demonstrated how they could be used at current and future air bases for operations such as the autonomous movement of airplanes within the base, transportation, surveillance, and logistics tasks, among others.

Jose Luis Delgado participated in the networking space, sharing GMV's vision and experience in the command and control of autonomous ground systems and how the use of artificial intelligence can provide a tactical advantage, greater autonomy, and improved decision-making in the use of a swarm of unmanned vehicles, either individually or in combination with manned vehicles and units.

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