GMV Contributes with its Expertise to Strengthen Cybersecurity in the Colombian Electrical Industry in the Context of Digital Transformation

GMV contribuye con su experiencia a fortalecer la ciberseguridad y digitalización en la Industria Eléctrica Colombiana

The participation by Óscar Gaspar, GMV’s Country Manager in Colombia, on the panel on Digitalization and Cybersecurity in the Colombian electric sector not only highlights GMV’s commitment to cybersecurity but also is integrated into the context of the digital transformation of the country's energy infrastructure.

This digitization entails the use of digital technologies in all its processes with the aim of improving the system’s efficiency, sustainability, and reliability. In this framework, Gaspar shared valuable insights into how cybersecurity plays a crucial role in this process, emphasizing the need for effective cyber resilience.

During the event, co-hosted by the World Energy Council Colombia (WEC) and Huawei, core aspects associated with digital transformation were discussed, such as significant opportunities for improvement in operational efficiency, integration with renewable energy sources, demand management, resilience to extreme weather events, and environmental sustainability. However, the inherent challenges and hurdles were also addressed, such as the necessary investment, cybersecurity, regulation, and personnel training.

Gaspar’s comprehensive vision and experience contributed to enriching the discussion on how to overcome these challenges. The importance of collaboration among all key stakeholders, including users, companies, and government agencies, was highlighted. This collaboration is perceived as essential to ensuring a successful transition to a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient energy system in Colombia.

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