Brussels hosts the fourth edition of The European Space Forum


On June 24 and 25, Brussels became the epicenter of the European space sector by hosting the fourth edition of The European Space Forum, held under the theme "Sustainable Innovation for Global Leadership". The event comes at a crucial time, marked by challenges, technological changes and increasing competition in the space sector, as well as a context of debates on the future of EU space legislation in the quest to shape the role and configuration of the sector in Europe.

Attendees had the opportunity to interact with each other to share their views, all aimed at securing Europe's position as a key player in the new era of space innovation. Debate topics included space, defense and security, the EU's competitiveness in space, the harnessing of space data and the assessment of the objectives of the Secure Connectivity Initiative (IRIS2).

GMV attended the event as Platinum Sponsor and took a leading role in the conference. Miguel Angel Molina, GMV's Deputy General Manager of Space Systems (EST), took part in the session "Space for a Secure Europe: From IRISĀ² to Quantum Encryption and Beyond". The speakers highlighted the transformative nature of today's industry thanks to the IRIS2 initiative, which aims to provide secure, resilient and autonomous connectivity in Europe. 

Mariella Graziano, GMV's EST Flight Segment Strategy and Business Development Director, was also present at the session "Greening the Space Sector - Exploring technology and policy solutions". She spoke about the technological solutions, practices and policies needed to make the space sector more sustainable, stressing the need to promote standards that facilitate greater sustainability without, however, affecting the competitiveness of European industry.

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