GMV brings groundbreaking defense technology to FEINDEF


GMV took part in the 3rd International Defense and Security Exhibition (FEINDEF) from 17 to 19 May. The event was held at the IFEMA fairgrounds in Madrid and was organized by the Spanish Association of Defense, Aeronautical, and Space Technologies (TEDAE) and the Association of Public Administration Contractors (AESMIDE), in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense.

The company used its stand to showcase defense and security solutions and systems developed for the Spanish national security forces and corps, ministries of defense of other nations, and the sector’s top international agencies, including NCIA, Frontex, EDA, and EEAS.

GMV's stand was attended by the company's president, receiving visits from important institutional figures such as the Lieutenant General Fernando García González, JEMACON; Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón, JEMAD; Air General Javier Salto Martínez-Avial, JEMA; Admiral General Antonio Piñeiro, AJEMA; the Director of CESEDEN, Lieutenant General of the Marine Corps Bisbal Pons; and the Director of CESTIC, Lieutenant General José María Millán.

Other visitors to GMV’s stand included the Secretary General for Industry and SMEs of the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism, Francisco Antonio Blanco; the EDA Industry Director, Emilio Fajardo; the European Commission’s Industry Representative, Anne Fort; as well as several international delegations such as those to Portugal, Estonia, and Germany.

The solutions presented by GMV at FEINDEF highlighted its experience in key technologies, including systems for guidance, navigation, and command and control, as well as other cross-cutting technologies such as those in the fields of simulation and critical aircraft software engineering.

Visitors to the exhibition were able to discover GMV’s range of products in the fields of aeronautics and navigation. Highlights included the SENDA navigation system, which will be integrated aboard F-110 frigates; the Flight Control Computer (FCC) for the long-range tactical UAV ATLANTE; the navigation and synchronization system for vehicles of the Spanish Armed Forces, ISNAV, which will be equipped on the 8x8 DRAGON WCV; and the control unit for the crane on the A400-M.

In the area of joint intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (JISR), GMV presented the CSD SIERRA suite developed within the SAPIIEM program, as well as the product storage and distribution system for the CSD Enduring Solution project awarded by the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA). GMV also featured other command and control systems and surveillance and reconnaissance solutions developed for the Spanish Ministry of Defense and international agencies such as the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex), as well as the EUCCIS command and control system for the EU External Action Service (EEAS).

As regards dismounted-soldier systems, GMV presented the work it has carried out as part of SISCAP, where, in a joint venture with Indra, it is developing the soldier’s primary computer, which controls power distribution and manages signals from the combatant’s optronic sensors and displays.

GMV also showcased its latest advances for enhancing the interoperability of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities among unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for the unmanned platforms Seeker, Passer, and Solo, developed in partnership with Aurea Avionics.

GMV also displayed its complete range of high-fidelity simulators and emulators for the L3HARRIS WESCAM MX™ series of EO/IR surveillance and positioning systems.

Thanks to its collaboration with other companies, GMV was present at several other stands at this year’s FEINDEF event. In this regard, it took part in the stand organized by the European Future Combat Air System (FCAS) program as a member of SATNUS SL. The SATNUS consortium coordinates all activities in Spain for the Remote Operators Technology Pillar of the FCAS Next Generation Weapons System (NGWS).

In addition, our TALOS fire support command and control system and ISNAV ground vehicle navigator were present at the Escribano and Expal stand, together with the SILAM high mobility rocket launcher system.

Finally, GMV was also present at the SMS stand, as an integral part of the consortium that is working to increase strategic autonomy and national sovereignty in the area of missile systems and other high-performance guided munitions.

Invited to take part in FEINDEF’s program of talks and panel discussions were Ricardo Sáenz Amandi, GMV’s Defense and Security Programs Manager, who joined the panel discussion “Challenges of Airspace Control: From U-Space to U-Terrestrial,” and Jorge Potti, GMV’s Corporate Director of Strategy and Vice-President of TEDAE’s Space Division, who moderated the panel “European Space Strategy for Security and Defense.”

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