GMV participates in the new edition of ION GNSS+ 2023

ION 2023

Once again, GMV was present at the new edition of ION GNSS+ 2023, the world’s largest technical event and exhibition showcasing GNSS technology, products and services. Held from September 11th to 15th in Denver, Colorado.

Hosted by the non-profit organization Institute of Navigation (ION), the conference brought together a diverse group of international leaders in satellite navigation and other fields related to Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) technologies. Its purpose is to present key findings from R&D activities, unveil innovative products, engage in discussions about current sector policies, and facilitate knowledge exchange.

GMV, which attented the event with a dedicated space, showcased several innovations, including the GMV GSharp® solution–a high-precision positioning service designed for a diverse range of applications across various markets. The GNSS products underpinning the GMV GSharp® service are currently in use by multiple space agencies across various low Earth orbit (LEO) missions. High-precision corrections are transmitted by leading providers of precision agriculture solutions, while their precise and secure corrections are trusted by world-renowned automotive operators.

GMV also unveiled additional applications and innovations, such as ASGARD®, a maritime receiver equipped with spoofing detection and mitigation capabilities through Galileo’s OSNMA service OSNMA (Open Service Navigation Message Authentication). The sub-decimeter-level precision attainable with HASTAG, GMV’s positioning engine designed for Galileo’s high precision (HAS) service was presented. And furthermore, it was possible to monitor the performance offered by SouthPAN, the pioneering SBAS system developed as a service.

GMV had a prominent presence at the event, participating in 14 different sessions. These sessions encompassed a wide range of topics, including the standardization of Galileo time receivers, GNSS integrity monitoring with LEO Satellites, the features of the PPP-RTK service in Australia using 3GPP LPP and 5G, GMV’s contribution to projects such as PASSport of the EUSPA or SouthPAN of the governments of Australia or New Zealand, as well as the participation of GMV’s role as a panelist in discussions addressing challenges in autonomous applications.

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