GMV attends ELIV, the leading event for the automotive industry


This October, GMV participated in the International VDI Congress “ELIV,” the world's leading conference on automotive electronics, software, and applications, which took place in Bonn, Germany. The trade fair brings together automotive industry decision makers, experts, and leaders from all over the world to share expertise, discuss emerging trends, and showcase technological innovations.

The Congress has been on the cutting edge of vehicle electronics since the 1980s, making it a key event for spearheading emerging trends in the automotive sector. As the industry becomes increasingly complex, ELIV continues to attract domestic and international participants from the fields of electricity, electronics, and software.

GMV attended the event, in which Carlos Busnadiego, the company's Head of Automotive Products & Processes, led the interactive panel on “How Safe and Precise GNSS can be relevant for Autonomous Vehicles,” explaining the advantages of GNSS-based positioning technology for autonomous driving in terms of high precision and safety. The product developed by GMV, the first generation of which is already being used in BMW vehicles, meets the highest quality and performance standards and is a necessary complement to current vehicle sensors if these vehicles are to achieve the highest levels of autonomy.

In addition to the panel, GMV was once again present at ELIV with an exhibition space where members of the company were able to have conversations with visitors at the fair, both OEMs and TIER Is, regarding autonomous driving and other topics in automotive business, such as connectivity and services for connected vehicles.

GMV has nearly 20 years of experience in telematics and onboard solutions with the main OEM and TIER I manufacturers, and over four million vehicles currently incorporate technology it has developed.

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