GMV Presents its Commitment to Quantum Computing at the ITCL Forum

GMV presenta en el foro del ITCL su apuesta por la computación cuántica

A group of experts comprising researchers from both academic and business spheres showcased their work in quantum computing at the Campus de Vegazana of the University of León during the ‘Quantum Computing on the Road’ National Forum, demonstrating that these revolutionary projects are becoming increasingly closer to reality. The event, organized by the ITCL Technological Center and the Institute of Business Competitiveness of the Junta de Castilla y León, brought together over 70 participants interested in learning about the advances and challenges of this emerging technology.

On center stage at the Aula de Grados of the College of Philosophy and Letters in the capital of León, Alexander Benítez, Data Scientist at GMV, highlighted the company’s commitment to quantum computing, with a special focusing on optimization and Quantum Machine Learning. Benítez shared fascinating details about the CUCO project, considered to be the first major quantum computing project in Spain. This ambitious project has the support of prominent companies such as BBVA, DAS Photonics, Multiverse Computing, Qilimanjaro Quantum Tech, and Repsol, as well as renowned partners like CSIC, among others.

The CUCO project, subsidized by CDTI and supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation under the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, has emerged as a historic milestone in the convergence of scientific research and the business sector in Spain. Its main objective is to advance technological and scientific knowledge of quantum computing algorithms, accelerating the implementation of these technologies for medium-term use.

During the presentation, Benítez identified relevant use cases in the Spanish economy, where proof of concepts will be conducted to assess the potential of quantum computing in addressing business needs. These use cases span from Earth observation, combating climate change and environmental issues, information traceability throughout the supply chain, optimization, simulation of complex financial calculations, to signal intelligence, among others. Additionally, he presented GMV’s progress in its use cases and the main challenges in incorporating quantum computing into Artificial Intelligence.

The ‘Quantum Computing on the Road’ Forum provided a unique platform to explore innovations in this exciting technological field and foster collaboration between companies, research centers, and universities. In its role at the forefront, GMV has reaffirmed its commitment to the forefront of quantum computing, positioning itself as a leader in Spain’s digital and scientific transformation. With projects like CUCO, the vision of quantum reality in Spain is rapidly approaching, promising to revolutionize key sectors such as healthcare, industry, and finance in the next decade.

GMV presenta en el foro del ITCL su apuesta por la computación cuántica
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